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$ 95   (VAT 20%)

Industrial PLC With Built-in GPRS Modem

Industrial PLC With Built-in GPRS Modem
  • Hi-performance CPU
  • 384KB Flash for user application
  • Up to seven YartBus expansion modules
  • Two RS-485 serial ports(RTU Master, RTU Slave, user defined protocol)
  • On board GPRS modem for CEREBRUM CLOUD connection
  • SMS alert messaging
  • Up to three incremental encoders support
  • Three built-in input capture uints (duty, period, frequency modes)
  • Power supply isolation
  • Hardware PWM with 100us resolution at every digital output
  • Dual axis STEP/DIR stepper motor control (automatic speed profiles)
  • Advanced analog inputs (voltage, resistance and bridge measurement)
  • Full Yart Studio support, extensive functional blocks library
  • Fully compatible with all CEREBRUM PLCs


  • 4 analog inputs (voltage, resistance, bridge modes),
  • 6 digital inputs (including counting and capture modes)
  • 4 digital transistor outputs 

COBALT PLC Characteristics

Supply Voltage10 to 28 VDC
Terminal TypeScrew-type, 16-30 AWG
ProgrammingFBD language, C-YART language, YART Studio
MemoryApplication384 KB Flash (5000 FBD instances)
RAM32 KB for user's data
FRAM15 KB FRAM based retentive data
RAM BIT2 KBIT for user's binary data
FRAM BIT2 KBIT binary retentive area
uSD memory cardnone
Application cycle time+1 ms
InputsDigital6DI х 7-28 VDC, isolated
Analog4(2)AI х 16bit + PGA. Modes: U/R/DI (0-10VDC/0-400kOm), strain gauge sensor mode(1)
OutputsDigital4DO, trsnsistor output, up to 0,075 А load. fully isolated
InterfacesminiUSBMODBUS RTU, debug port
RS485-1MODBUS RTU, user defined, library defined. Isolated
RS485-2MODBUS RTU, user defined, library defined, isolated
YART-PORTIsolated expansion bus. It possible to interface up to seven different CEREBRUM expansion modules. 
Read time clock (RTC)Battery backed (±2s @ 25C)
Web scada - control panel

COBALT is a universal PLC for a cloud-based remote control and monitoring. It has an integrated GPRS modem for a seamless CEREBRUM CLOUD remote connection. No complex settings or programming required. The modem is supplied directly from the internal PLC supply and has a dedicated communication line.

The controller has 6 discrete inputs, 4 isolated transistor outputs and 4 universal analog inputs. By connecting up to seven expansion modules to the Yart-Bus expansion connector, the IO value of the controller can be expanded.

For even more peripherals, one or both serial RS-485 interfaces can communicate with multiple Modbus-RTU remote IO stations such as one or more Smat-Knot units or a third party PLC.

The serial interfaces also support a free programming mode to implement additional communication protocols such as energy meter data acquisition, SCADA and many others.

The digital data lines are internally connected to hardware counters/capture units and can read up to three incremental encoders or three high-speed pulse sensors. The PLC provides a time resolution of down to 10 us for each of the three input capture channels.

Each of the six digital outputs is ready for PWM generation with a successful resolution of down to 100us. Of course, a standard digital output mode is also supported.

A unique mode is a stepper motor control. In this mode, the outputs provide two STEP/DIR control pairs under XY positioning profile. To configure the motion, it is only necessary to set up a series of waypoints and issue a start command.

The analog front end consists of four analog lines. Depending on the software settings, It can measure up to four independent voltage/current inputs or two 2-wire RTD probes. A few external components enable the direct acquisition of a load cell, eliminating the need for an additional amplifier. 

Normally a single channel measurement takes less than 15 ms.

The RTD measurement circuit is fully differential with significant common mode noise rejection ratio. It is preconfigured for connection to 100, 1000 and 10k Ohm RTD sensors. 

The 16-bit ADC with a programmable gain amplifier provides a perfect temperature resolution even for a low resistance (100 Ohm) sensor.

All the required application variables are directly accessible to CEREBRUM CLOUD platform with no name or data type change. 

Similar to other CEREBRUM PLC products, the COBALT is fully supported by our company’s Yart Studio IDE. 

The user can easily migrate between different CEREBRUM controller types depending on an application.

Similarly to other CEREBRUM PLC products, the COBALT is completely supported by our company’s Yart Studio IDE.