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Power Line Modem For Street Lighting


PLM - 2000

Power Line Modem для управления системами диммирования

The PLM-2000 power line model is designed for outdoor street lighting systems. 

The host controller command is transferred over the AC supply line to the remote bulbs/LED controller. On a bulb side the PLM-2000 is receiving the dimming command and sets its PWM or 0-10V control value.

The AC current sensor works as the power feedback to the host controller indicating the bulb operating state. The host PLC algorithm monitors every bulb in the network, sending the diagnosis information in a case of fault.


  • Broadcast or daisy chain transmission modes
  • Universal output compatible with mode bulb / LED controllers
  • On board AC current sensor
  • Simple setup
  • RS-485 interface for host PLC

PLM-2000 Specifications
PurposeBidirectional data exchange via the power network (up to 250 V AC /DC RMS)
Supply voltage100 to 250 VAC VDC RMS
Type of connectionDIP for soldering wires 1 mm2
ProgrammingNot required
OutputsPWM100 Hz 10 V
Analog0 - 10 V Voltage Output
Current sensor1 x 0.1 to 10.0 A, +-10%
Communication portsRS485Modbus RTU Slave
PLMCarrier frequency70 to 90 kHz
Output voltage From 90 to 120 dBμV
Distance of stable connection

Without retransmission - from 0 to 2000* m

* Depends on the quality of the power network
AddressingIndividual, for each modem in the network.