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267 $ (+VAT 20%)

Compact PLC With Advanced Motion Control Features

Описание контроллера Green Motion


  • Built in position sensors interfaces
  • HTL, TTL, Sin/Cos, SSI, EnDat encoders supported

Green Motion is a compact PLC with rich motion control features on board. The YART PLC core is extended to support most of the commonly used speed and position sensors.

Encoders supported
TTL incHTL incHTL incSSIEn Dat
Port 1YesYesYesYesYes
Port 2 Yes   

A specifically designed library is provided for efficient speed and position processing. During the PLC operation a calculated position value is secured inside the on board FRAM memory in a way the unexpected power fault could never corrupt the position data. This gets an incremental encoders to being used as an absolute one.

Such feature is significant for cost optimized applications when extra sensors are cost sensitive.

Supply voltage 10 to 28 VDC
Terminal block connector typeScrew connection, 16-30 AWG
ProgrammingFBD, C-YART, YART Studio IDE


Programs256 KB non-volatile memory (more than 200 block types, 2000 block calls)
RAM40 KB memory for user variables
FRAM16 KB non-volatile memory for user variables
BRAM4 KB, nonvolatile (battery backed) memory for user variables
Bit RAM2 Kb memory for user variables
Bit FRAMT2 Kb non-volatile memory for user variables
Program execution cycle time1 ms min
InputsDiscrete6х 7-28 VDC digital inputs, galvanically isolated from the processor circuits
Analog4х 10 bit analog inputs, Modes  - (0-10VDC/0-20mA)
Encoders1x Dedicated TTL-HTL, SIN/COS, SSI, EnDat port; 1xHTL encoder on DI1-2 inputs


Discrete4x optotransistor outputs, VDC up to 100mA. Galvanically isolated from the processor circuits
Analog1х 0 -20 mA current output

Communication ports

ETHERNETRJ-45, 100 / 10Base-T auto-negotiation. YART-LINK, MODBUS TCP, IOT, YART-BUS, IoT
RS485 MODBUS RTU, dedicated library protocols, custom protocols
YART-BUS Expansion modules bus, fast interface for expansion modules

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