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YART 1.8

233 $ (+VAT 20%)

Programmable Logic Controller

Особенности плк YART


  • Rich communication ports set: Ethernet, 2xRS-485, RS-232, USB, YART BUS
  • 8x universal analog inputs configurable for current, voltage or resistance measurement
  • 8x digital inputs with counter/capture options
  • 8x AC/DC load switches
  • 2x 0-20mA 0-10V analog outputs

The outstanding on board peripherals range helps for efficient design and engineering in HVAC, energy metering, pumps, machines and many others applications.
A built in uSD card works as a universal data logger. All necessary settings are YART Studio IDE based

YART 1.8
Parameter Value
Supply voltage10 to 28 VDC
Terminal block connector typeScrew connection, 16-30 AWG
ProgrammingFBD, C-YART, YART Studio IDE


Programs640 KB non-volatile memory (more than 500 block types, 5000 block calls)
RAM40 KB memory for user variables
FRAM16 KB non-volatile memory for user variables
BRAM4 KB, nonvolatile (battery backed) memory for user variables
Bit RAM2 Kb memory for user variables
Bit FRAM2 Kb non-volatile memory for user variables
uSD memory cardUp to 32 GB for archive storage
Program execution cycle time1 ms min
 InputsDiscrete8DI x 7-28 VDC, LED indication, galvanically isolated from the processor circuits
Analog8AI х 14 bit, PGA. Modes  -  U/I/R/DI (0-10VDC/0-20mA/0-400kOm)


Discrete8DO x solid-state relays, VDC / VAC, up to 100mA, LED indication. Galvanically isolated from the processor circuits
Analog2AO х U/I (0-10VDC/0-20mA)

Communication ports 

ETHERNETConnector RJ-45, 100 / 10Base-T auto-detect the type of cable. YART-LINK, MODBUS TCP, IOT, YART-BUS, WEB SERVER status
mini-USBMODBUS RTU, debug port
RS232MODBUS RTU, dedicated library protocols, custom protocols
RS485MODBUS RTU, dedicated library protocols, custom protocols
RS485IMODBUS RTU, dedicated library protocols, galvanically isolated
YART-PORTExpansion modules bus, fast interface for expansion modules
Real-Time Clock (RTC)Battery powered (accuracy at normal conditions - ± 2s/day max)

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