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The CEREBRUM Gateway is a key component for building remote monitiring and Industry 4.0 systems.


  • Cross-platform software, it works on Windows, Linux and Embedded Linux
  • Supports all CEREBRUM PLCs
  • SCADA friendly OPC-UA interface on top of the communication stack
  • Secure communications include PLC to Server and Server to SCADA
  • Built in multiuser support, users are only able to work with the only assigned PLCs
  • Modern, Industry 4.0 compatible data architecture
  • Multilingual and arrays support, including compatibility modes for older platforms

CEREBRUM Gateway is a key part of our Internet based telemetry system. A single deployed gateway software pack is able to maintain remote communications between up to 1000 PLCs and a same amount of SCADA clients. One or more IRIS PLCs becomes acting as M2M coordinators to achieve Industry 4.0 targets within a single platform.

A remote PLCs are connected via well known MQTT protocol to form a gateway data space. The MQTT protocol is mainly a transport protocol to carry CEREBRUM encrypted data metaformats. This helps to significantly expand IoT functionality for a real industry demand. Thanks to MQTT subscription and publish nature the CEREBRUM IoT system stays compact even when a big amount of remote nodes is connected. Inside a PLC the data to be published are application software controlled, it makes the overall process flexible and clear for understanding. You just decide when to publish a particular algorithm data. For example, you'll decide how frequently data should be published in a machine normal state or what would change in case of fault. From a server's perspective, there's no need to hang in a waiting state whilst the remote PLC is expected to respond. Each connected PLC will tell about it when needed, instead.

The variables lists, process data and setpoints are using the technique above. 

On the server the MQTT is based on a well known broker software empowered with a custom authentication and protection library to control remote connections and maintain system security.

The gap between the MQTT and OPC-UA is covered by a gateway core service program. It governs the data transition between the MQTT and OPC-UA information modeling and representation. The gateway is able to maintain variables and data format unchanged through the entire system starting from the Yart Studio IDE up to the SCADA system. 

Some market available SCADA is already equipped with a direct Yart Studio IDE tags import feature. 

Depending on the settings there are a number of OPC-UA endpoints available for client's connection:

  • Anonymous connection
  • Username and password authentication
  • Username and password authentication plus 128RSA15 data encryption and authentication

All endpoints, except anonymous one, require a pair of username/password to connect.

Once connected the user can start browsing inside its valid OPC UA space.

Каждый пользователь видит только свои контроллеры и они недоступны для других.

The entire PLC set is divided and protected between different users. The user is only able to work with the only PLCs he is assigned for. There are no unassigned PLCs visible and accessible.

Besides of PLC's assignment, there's one more feature to set up a special alias name to the PLC's you'd like to change the name for. So for example a PLC with ID YA1234567896345678934091234 a new human readable name would be assigned as Conveyer_Belt_Main_PLC. Now it looks better, isn't it?

A special Gateway Admin software is dedicated to managing the PLCs, including aliases, access and a user's assignment. 

The CEREBRUM GATEWAY is a cross platform software available for installation on Windows, Windows Server, Linux and Embedded Linux OS.

The Gateway is also a part of IRIS PLC firmware to help users to set up the telemetry infrastructure right on the automation site to provide OPC UA interfaces directly to the number of locally installed PLCs. 

There are a number of SCADA and IoT frameworks been tested for compatibility with CEREBRUM Gateway software: