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117 $  (+VAT 20%)

110/220V AC/DC Power Line Modem To RS485 Conversion Modem 



Power Line Modem преобразует сигнал RS485 в сигнал для передачи данных по сети 230 VAC

The RS485-PLM-RS485 modem is a data communication device designed to transfer serial RS485 data from the existing local power lines. 

It is possible to use both AC and DC lines with voltage up to 250V RMS. 

The modem is protocol agnostic, it just retransmits the data being received from the RS485 or power line network. Moreover the RS485 communication parameters may change from side to side, turning the modems into protocol converters.

There are up to 16 data communication groups defined to isolate two or more different RS485 network from each other. The group ID is changeable by the on board rotary switch.

The RS485 data must be frame separated with maximum frame length of 200 bytes each. The symbol to symbol delay is interpreted as a frame separator and preprogrammed to be 30 ms.

The solution has been widely used in many field applications that require PLC to IO communications with no physical wiring access availability.


RS485-PLM-RS485 Specifications
IP Rating (IEC 60509:1989)IP 20
Supply Voltage80 - 250 V RMS AC/DC
Terminals TypeScrew connection, 16-30 AWG
ProgrammingNot applicable
Communcation PortsRS4851
PLMCarrier Frequencyот 70 до 90 kHz
Output Signal Strength90 to 120 dBuV
Expected Communication Distance0 to 2000* meters
* depending on line characteristics
AddressingIndividual, rotary switches.