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3G/GPRS/GLONASS/GPS Communication Module

neuro 3g module

The GSM/GPS/GLONASS NEURO 3G module is an integrated communication module to provide YART and IRIS PLCs Internet telemetry connection.  A complex GSM/GPS module inside gives online GPS/Glonass position and time information. These auxiliary positioning data become available in automatic mode whenever the Neuro module connection is established. 

The module is designed to support stand alone and PLC operations. 

In PLC mode the unit works as an Internet connection module. The connection parameters are only PLC application defined. 

A stand alone mode turns the Neuro into a small programmable controller with a rich amount of programming RAM and ROM for LUA applications. The on board RS-485 port can be used for an external Smart-KNOT modules as expansion.

A single 100mA load output solid state relay is also available for immediate action from LUA script.

NEURO 3G Specifications
Parameter Characteristics
Supply voltage 12 to 28 VDC, isolated power supply
Terminal block connectors type  Screw connection, 16-30 AWG
Programming AT Commands, LUA scripting


Program 60 MB non-volatile memory for program and data
SIM card mini SIM
Communication module SIM5360E
Network standard GSM
uSD memory card up to 32 GB for data, LUA scripts accessible
Bands supported GSM-GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 МГц
Navigation systems GPS, GLONASS, A-GPS, Cell Location (determining the coordinates by the base stations)
Inputs Discrete 1DI x 7-28 VDC, for "cold" restart of the module, LED indication, galvanically isolated from the processor circuits
Outputs Discrete 1DO x solid-state relays, VDC / VAC, up to 100mA, LED indication. Galvanically isolated from the processor circuits
Communication ports miniUSB AT, Control, NEMA, LUA
RS232 Modem port
RS485 LUA script controllable
Real-Time Clock (RTC) The accuracy of the stroke at 25 ° C - no more than ± 2 s per day, the course does not last more than 2 hours
RF power  Class 4 2 W EGSM900
Class 1 1 W DCS1800
0.25 W UMTS 900/2100
AT Comands GSM 07.07, 07.05, SIMCOM

Data transmition

GPRS Class 12
EDGE DTM Class 12
HSDPA+ 14 Mbps incoming, 5.76 Mbps outgoing
CSD Up to 64 Kbps
TCP / IP stack Built-in, with support for IPv4, IPv6, FTP / SFTP / HTTP / HTTPS / SMTP / POP3