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IT technologies in industrial automation


The World's First Industrial Internet Of Things Solution

CEREBRUM CLOUD is a Web-based industrial product for controlling and monitoring devices over the Internet. Designed exclusively for asset tracking and distributed automation solutions, it is also extremely easy to start and cost-effective.

The Web-based SCADA-HMI system is available as a free online tool to anyone who purchased a CEREBRUM PLC. A web browser is the only tool you need to start your first online control project. All components are pre-configured and easy to navigate. 

The users can control and track their devices from anywhere in the world with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

The Web-based SCADA-HMI system is provided as a free online tool for anyone who bought any CEREBRUM PLC

Take the COBALT PLC for an entry level project. It costs less than $100 for a high performance IEC-compatible PLC. It already contains a GPRS modem for remote cloud operations and many other features to explore. There is a high speed counting, embedded load cell measurement, Modbus-RTU Master and an advanced stepper motor controller. The PLC is ready for CEREBRUM CLOUD connection. It usually takes about 5 minutes to complete a simple remote monitoring project.

All data is transmitted in encrypted binary form in order to remain secure and compatible with the most favorable data plans.

The controller takes over the automatic server connection and further information exchange. Depending on the host PLC used, it is possible to set up several connection media such as Ethernet, an integrated GPRS module or an external 3G modem.

As part of the cloud solution, an online HMI designer is available for all web visualization and control screens. It is a part of the customer's Web console and allows users to manage all connections, data and access policies.

The data structure and variables are transferred just as declared in the Yart Studio IDE. It is easy to navigate through project's variable names keeping consistent at all design stages. 


Web SCADA - cloud dashboard

Access to the Web SCADA is free of charge for all CEREBRUM users. It is only necessary that the potential user obtains free access to CEREBRUM CLOUD by e-mailing us to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.