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SAAS stands for software as a service

The CEREBRUM LLC together with InSAT company comes up with a new industrial service, the companies create a SAAS server to provide CEREBRUM users with online subscription to their personal online Masterscada 4D SCADA software.

What's in the box?

The rent cost is based on the PLC basis, for the each PLC the charge is 1000 RUR monthly. 

The price includes

  • Subsribed 200 SCADA tags
  • One extra user in addition to the default administrator account
  • 16 GB Flash, 2 GB RAM, one 4-core CPU, dedicated for each 15 PLCs
  • Backup server for redundancy
  • Network support and maintenance, the Internet security
  • Personal URL for convenient Internet access
  • Technical support and training

The user decides the preferred approach. At the beginning the amount of the PLCs in service is small, so the rental server will be a perfect fit. Once the system grows up the rent cost might need to be optimized and a full scale Masterscada licence would be purchased.

The CEREBRUM CLOUD is a fault free solution that runs in a special secured area with perfect Internet connection, battery backed power supply, access control system and security. We spent a lot of time to do our best to save your valuable data. Even if you rent a single PLC space the trained team of professionals will work for you.

The growing automation markets, inspired by global network expansion, tends more and more IT technologies to be used in industrial automation solutions. From the other side the IT infrastructure is going to be friendly for its new industrial users. The SAAS service is a new way of interacting between the existing software users and software vendors. 

Despite of buying the software the users are going to use a subscribed online version of the Internet optimized tools and services. There's no need to spend hours to updating your products and take care of system and networking hardware. The service provider will do all these jobs for you, considering a reasonable price as a subscription fee.

Sometimes uses stays unaware of how many efforts their vendor is going to spend to provide the system to operate smoothly. 

Customizing industrial automation tools are going to be a challenging task.

A lot of industrial automation integrators are not ready to start using some partially completed SAAS services considering a huge amount of financial and technological resources to be spend to adjust the system for the real world requirements. This also brings a strict requirement to the field PLC units such as robustness and standard compliance. However, a possibility of having the process data available and controllable from any point from all over the word makes the things happen. Despite of many possible issues there are some existing market IoT SAAS solutions. Most of them aren't perfect due to deployment difficulties or requirements to set up their personal cloud infrastructure.


A new unified solution is a key to solve all the existing IoT SAAS issues by combining a proven Masterscada 4D together with CEREBRUM Telemetry IoT solution. It covers all discussed issues and gives users a new convenient way to build a new level Industry 4.0 systems. 

There is no need to gate fieldbus traffic into the Internet, the CEREBRUM PLC's are able to maintain Internet telemetry by its own features. The most convenient way is to use Neuro, the Industrial 3G module. The required settings are already programmed, the URL and the user's credentials are the only customization needed. The modem is also a GPS receiver so the user will get a position in automatic mode. Another option is to use on board Ethernet port. 


The CEREBRUM on board digital and analog interfaces are compatible with industrial sensors and actuators, a single controller is capable to have up to 150 local connection points and about 2000 remote connection points.

A commonly used industrial FBD language is a great way for fast designing your control application in the Yart Stuio IDE. The tool gives a unique opportunity to set up the remote telemetry variables. You just have to tell the system which variables have to be Internet accessible.

The PLC will start an Internet session in automatic mode to send or receive remote data via a special CEREBRUM Gateway server software. It handles the MQTT based transport protocol and manages many to many information topology to protect the controllers of being used by unauthorized users. This gives a guarantee that your controllers will never be accessed by anyone else.

The feature rich Masterscada 4D graphical design environment contains a lot of common industrial library widgets, gauges and primitives to create your system HMI screens. There are design examples and samples available for an even faster start.  


By using drag and drop feature the user places required graphical components such as trends, control and alarm windows into the working area. An addition reports module is available by request. It helps to create a customizable reports forms for e-mail sharing. 

Once the HMI design is done the user presses "Download to the server" button to set the design Internet available. Whenever the plant object status or control is needed the user just enters his web page and manages his field plant by the phone or computer from everywhere.

serebrum cloud

There is no user's headache since all infrastructure support is managed by a service provider.

Another advantage is a free choice for a system's deployment. 

  • use rental server
  • build your own cloud solution by using the same software components

The first case is ideal for small vendors who willing to pay small rental fee for enterprise level cloud services. The second way would be effective for a companies who are ready to set up their own Internet infrastructure. In both cases the underlying software is the same and there's no application redesign needed.