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High Performance Linux PLC With Advanced Communication Capabilities

Особенности контроллера IRIS


  • High performance ARM-Cortex A9 CPU
  • HDMI display port
  • 4xUSB Host, uSD card slot, YART BUS, 2xRS-485, CAN
  • YART-PLC, Java, Node JS, Python programming
  • Built in remote telemetry: CEREBRUM IIoT, OPC UA, MQTT

Depending on the application, there are three main roles for the IRIS PLC could be used for. A high performance PLC with more than 25000 instructions per ms processing speed. A data indication and supervisory unit, capable of carrying Embedded Web SCADA and Internet telemetry server. Finally the IRIS could be an excellent OEM solution as a proven, highly efficient industrial automation platform.

The OEM customers found IRIS as a great improvement of a nonindustrial hand held developing tools and kits. The Java VM is installed on the file system image to help with easy device migration.

Up to 1920x1080 resolution displays are supported by the HDMI port. The internal 2D and 3D hardware accelerator helps to speed up SCADA/HMI graphics animation for better user's experience.
The on board USB ports support the majority of touchscreen and input pointing devices.

Платформа автоматизации

The system is Linux based and capable to support many standard IO USB devices such as mouse, keypad, trackballs, printers and data storage.
Regardless of the task executed the on board firmware is capable to support multiple remote CEREBRUM PLCs connections to an embedded IoT-OPCUA gateway, to develop a modern Industry 4.0 infrastructure. 

The IRIS PLC can also be configured as a LAN router/firewall unit to let local equipment to access the Internet for safe data communication.

IRIS может выполнять функции шлюза IoT
Parameter Value
Supply voltage 12 to 28 VDC, galvanically isolated power source
CPU type ARM-Cortex-A9 @ 1000МГц, NEON SIMD
Terminal block connector type Screw connection, 16-30 AWG
OS Linux 4.1, Buildroot
Programming FBD, C-YART, IDE YART Studio or MasterSCADA 4D InSAT


Programs 1024 KB non-volatile memory (more than 500 block types, 5000 block calls)
RAM 40 KB memory for user variables
Flash 4 GB eMMC
FRAM 16 KB non-volatile memory for user variables
RAM Linux 1024MB DDR3-800, 32  bit
Bit RAM 2 Kb memory for user variables
Bit FRAM 2 Kb non-volatile memory for user variables
uSD memory card Up to 32 GB for data archive
Program execution cycle time 0,03 ms min
Display port HDMI A standard HDMI 1.4 port monitor
LVDS LVDS panel connection, 1366x786 max, I2C for touch screen
Audio Input Stereo line input + microphone input
Output Line-in stereo output, headphone connection output, 16 Ohm max.

Communication ports 

ETHERNET RJ-45, 100 / 10Base-T auto-negotiation. YART-LINK, MODBUS TCP, IOT, YART-BUS, WEB SERVER status
USB Host 2 on board, 2 USB-A external ports
USB Device Serial Port, Modbus RTU
RS485 MODBUS RTU, dedicated library protocols, custom protocols
RS485I MODBUS RTU, dedicated library protocols, galvanically isolated
CAN CANOpen using CAN Festival
YART-PORT Expansion modules bus, fast interface for expansion modules
Real-Time Clock (RTC). Battery powered (accuracy at normal conditions - ± 2s/day max)  

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