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163 $  (+VAT 20%)

Eight Universal Analog Inputs Expansion Module



Модуль расширения на 8 универсальных аналоговых входов

The universal expansion module containing eight high precision analog inputs. 

Each channel can work in one of three different modes - Voltage measurement, Current Measurement and Resistance measurement.

The module is YART-BUS compatible, it can work together with any CEREBRUM host unit, including SMART-KNOT remote IO unit to communicate over serial or Ethernet line.

No programming is needed, the required configuration is based on YARTStudio IDE.

YART AI8 Specifications
External Power SupplyNot needed
Terminals TypeScrew connection, 16-30 AWG
ProgrammingYART Studio configuration only
InputsAnalog8AI x 12 bit ADC, with on chip PGA
  • 0 +10V voltage input mode
  • -10V +10V voltage input mode
  • 0 +20 mA current input mode
  • -20 +20 mA current input mode
  • Input resistance measurement 0 to 1M Ohm
Inputs are IEC 61000-4 compliant; Protection in according to: IEC61000-4-5 (8/20 µs): 35 A IEC61643-321 (10/1000 µs): 4 A
Communication portsYART-PORTExpansion bus, scan time less than 30 ms, total units on bus – 8